Sichuan JunHengTai Electronic & Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. Was founded in 2005, is a professional engaged in household appliances components development, production and sales of the company. After more than 10 years of precipitation, in the field of household appliances accessories to form their own unique advantages. Launched washing machine, air conditioning, TV series motherboard, power board; Satellite high frequency head and LED backlight and other products.

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  • LED TV Mainboard

    LED TV Mainboard

    LED TV Mainboard which is the core component of the LCD TV. It is the circuit board responsible for controlling and driving the LED screen

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  • DVB Set Box

    DVB Set Box

    DVB Set Box The set-top box is applied to the external connector of intelligent LED TV

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  • CRT TV Board

    CRT TV Board

    Color TV motherboard Used as a control board for the built-in host of color television sets

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  • LED TV backlight strips

    LED TV backlight strips

    LCD TV backlight strip is used to assemble the light source accessories of LCD TV

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Junhengtai company with high standard management system , excellent after-sales service , has won the praise ofcustomers at home and abroad .


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Company team activity

[Sichuan Junhengtai Electronics and Electrical Co., Ltd. successfully completed the team building activities of Balang Mountain and Siguniang Mountain] On December 3, 2023, Sichuan Junhengtai Electronics and Electrical Co., Ltd. held a vibrant and far-reaching team-build...

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04 / 23-12

TV Partition Backlight Standards Are Released, And The Picture Quality Selection Will Be Based On Evidence

Recently, the "TV Partition Backlight Standard" was officially released, which divides the number of different TV backlight partitions on the market at present, so that the TV backlight partition has a unified standard, providing consumers with a more direct picture qual...

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27 / 23-11

EL Backlight, CCFL Backlight And LED Backlight

As the core component of LCD TV, the performance of the backlight will not only directly affect the LCD display In addition to the quality, the cost of the backlight also occupies LCD module 3-5%, the power consumed accounts for more of the module 75%, so to speak A very...

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23 / 23-11