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SAMSUNG 40INCH LED TV backlight strips

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  • model number : JH019-1314
  • voltage/power : 3V1W
  • quality guarantee: 2 years
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    Details:Model number-JH019-1314-40inch- 3v1w

    1. High brightness: High brightness LED lamp beads are used as the light source, with high brightness, low energy consumption and long life.

    2. Thin design: the shell is made of aluminum alloy, which is comfortable to touch, beautiful in appearance, light and portable.

    3. Good heat dissipation performance: the design of the aluminum shell helps to dissipate heat, ensuring the long life and stability of the LED lamp bead.

    4. Easy to install: The universal single-light light bar is easy to install, and can be installed with screws or snap-fit.

    5. Adjustable color and brightness: The universal single-light strip can adopt different power drivers, making it possible to adjust parameters such as color, brightness and color temperature. Universal single-light strips are widely used in household, commercial, exhibition, office and other occasions, such as LED light boxes, LED billboards, exhibition hall lighting, cultural display, home lighting and other fields.


    The following are the precautions for installing LCD TV backlight strips:

    1. Make sure the power is off. Before installation, the TV must be disconnected from the power source to ensure safe operation.

    2. Pay attention to the direction of the light bar. The light bar usually has a certain direction, and must be installed correctly according to the model of the LCD TV and the manufacturer’s instructions. Before installation, you can refer to the TV manual.

    3. Check whether the light bar is complete. Before installation, you should check whether the light bar is intact and not damaged or bent, otherwise it will affect the backlight effect.

    4. Handle with care. When installing and removing, avoid excessive force, so as not to damage the socket or cause other damage. 5. Note the direction of the connection plug. The connecting plug of the light strip often has a locking screw, and you should ensure that the plug and screw are oriented correctly.

    6. Check the adhesiveness of the interface. The light strip should be firmly attached, which can be tested by shaking the light strip slightly. If the interface is found to be loose or not firm, it should be reinstalled.

    7. Test the backlight effect. After installation is complete, the TV should be turned back on and tested to ensure that the backlight is functioning properly

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