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CRT TV power module 21inch 29inch 34inch lcd tv power supplier

Short Description:

The color TV motherboard module is the core component of the TV, and its working principle can be summarized as follows:

Power supply:

Signal processing:

Audio processing:

Sound control:

for connecting external devices, so that the TV can receive and display signals from other devices. Generally speaking, the color TV motherboard module realizes various functions of the TV through the supply and management of power supply, signal and audio processing, and display and sound control, so that it can receive and display video signals, output audio signals, and communicate with Connect and interact with other devices.

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details :

model number:MK21  MK29 MK34

LCD power supply module MK 21 is a high-performance power supply module, mainly used for power supply in LCD monitors. The module adopts a high-efficiency switching power supply design, which can provide an adjustable output voltage from 5V to 24V, and has input overvoltage, overcurrent, and short circuit protection functions. In addition, the module also has multiple protection mechanisms such as temperature protection and overload protection, which effectively guarantee the stable and safe operation of the circuit. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small size, fast response time, high efficiency, etc. It is widely used in various liquid crystal display products, and it is a reliable and stable power module.

note :

LCD power module is one of the main products of Junhengtai Company, its features are as follows:

1. High efficiency and energy saving: the design of high-efficiency switching power supply can ensure the high-efficiency conversion of the circuit, save energy and reduce costs at the same time.

2. Stable output: The LCD power supply module can provide a variety of adjustable output voltages and has excellent output stability, which can ensure the stable display of the LCD display.

3. Multiple protections: The LCD power module has multiple protection mechanisms, including input overvoltage, overcurrent, short circuit, overload and temperature protection, etc., which effectively guarantee the stable and safe operation of the circuit.

4. Small and portable: LCD power module adopts compact structure and small volume design, which is easy to install and carry.

5. Fast response time: The liquid crystal power supply module has the characteristics of fast response, and can adjust the input power in a short time to ensure the stable display of the liquid crystal display. Junhengtai’s liquid crystal power supply modules are widely used in various liquid crystal products. They have the advantages of stability, reliability, and high performance, and have been trusted and praised by customers.


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