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LED TV Mainboard 24inch Tr67.03 Universal Board

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TR67.03 is a led tv board of 24-inch LCD motherboard is a circuit board used to drive a 24-inch LCD screen, usually including LCD controller, display interface, signal processor, power supply module and other modules. It can convert the input electrical signal into the image and video signal required for display, and control the LCD screen to display the corresponding content. The 24-inch LCD motherboard is suitable for many fields, such as medical equipment, industrial control, security monitoring, advertising machine, electronic game machine, etc.


1. Good display effect and high resolution: 24-inch LCD screen can provide high-definition images and videos, suitable for various scenes requiring high details.
2. Easy installation: 24-inch LCD screens are more common, so using a 24-inch LCD motherboard can make it easier to install and maintain equipment.
3. Low cost: Compared with large-size LCD screens, the price of 24-inch LCD screens is relatively low, and it has better cost performance.


1. First, confirm whether your computer or equipment is suitable for 24-inch LCD motherboard. Check the specifications of the LCD motherboard and the specifications of your device to make sure they are compatible.
2. After electrostatically treating the LCD main board, install the main board in the computer box or in a suitable position inside the device. Usually, the motherboard should be placed on the motherboard fixing bracket and fastened by screws and nuts.
3. Connect the LCD screen to the motherboard. There are two ways to connect the LCD screen: through the LVDS interface or through the HDMI, VGA and other interfaces. For the specific connection method, please refer to the instruction manual of the LCD main board.
4. After the installation is complete, the power cord and signal lines required by the device should be connected to the LCD motherboard, and the keyboard, mouse and other peripherals should also be connected to the computer.


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