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LG32inch LED TV backlight strips

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model number :JH012-2615-A2B2

LCD light bar is a component used for LCD TV backlight. The main specifications of 32 LCD light bar are as follows: – Brand: JHT – Model:

The production process of LCD light bar can be roughly divided into the following steps:

1. Cutting LED lamp beads: Cut the LED lamp beads into LED lamp particles according to the specified length and classify them. 2. Welding LED lamp particles: Weld the sorted LED lamp particles according to the specified order and interval. 3. Encapsulation of LED lamp particles: to package the welded LED lamp particles, usually there are two options of silicone encapsulation and epoxy resin encapsulation. 4. Matching light guide plate and reflector plate: Match the packaged LED lamp particles with light guide plate and reflector plate to better guide the light into the LCD screen. 5. Testing and quality inspection: testing and quality inspection of the produced LCD light bar to ensure that its performance and quality meet the requirements. 6. Packaging and shipping: Pack the tested LCD light strips and ship them according to the order requirements. In conclusion, the production process of LCD light bar requires high-precision equipment and strict quality control.

The advantages of Junhengtai company’s production of night scene light bars are as follows: 1. High-quality LED lamp beads: Junhengtai company uses high-quality LED lamp beads as the light source of the light bar, which ensures the excellent performance of the light bar in terms of brightness, color vividness and service life. 2. Precise welding technology: Junhengtai has precise welding technology, which ensures the stable connection and good electrical performance between the lamp particles. 3. Strict quality control: Junhengtai has a strict quality control system, and scientific management and control are carried out from raw material procurement to manufacturing, testing and quality inspection to ensure product quality and reliability. 4. Independent research and development and patented technology: Junhengtai has the ability of independent research and development and patented technology, and constantly introduces new night scene light bar products, providing more comprehensive and professional solutions, and has won the trust of customers and the market. 5. Very competitive price: The price of the night scene light bar produced by Junhengtai Company is very competitive, which can provide customers with cost-effective products and services.

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