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KU LNB TV Receiver Single Head Universal Model

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Sichuan Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the development, production and sales of household electrical components, specializing in small and medium-sized enterprises. The company has its own unique advantages in the field of home appliance accessories. It produces products such as washing machines, air conditioners, TV series main boards, power boards, satellite tuners and LED backlights.

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1: Ku LNB is a high frequency head used in the field of satellite communications to convert satellite signals into electrical signals.
2: Specifically, the Ku LNB refers to the combination of a Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and an Oscillator (LO) that receives Ku-band satellite signals. The center frequency of the Ku-band is usually 12-18 GHz.
3: Adapt to different weather environments and signal conditions to ensure good communication effect.
4: Ku LNB also has the characteristics of low noise, high gain, broadband and stable performance.


1. Low noise: The low noise characteristics of Ku LNB can ensure the sensitivity of signal reception and improve the quality of satellite signal reception.
2.High gain: Ku LNB can enhance the strength of the received signal and improve the receiving effect.
3.Good stability: Ku LNB operates stably, and the signal output performance is consistent.
4. Strong anti-interference ability: Ku LNB can resist the influence of interference signals such as weather changes, and ensure the stable reception of satellite signals.



Universal Ku LNB is often used in communication equipment such as satellite receiving antenna, satellite mobile phone, satellite radio and satellite TV. can enhance the received satellite signal and provide a clear and stable signal output.,In the field of satellite communication, Ku LNB is a basic receiving device, which is widely used in satellite communication, video transmission, remote monitoring, Internet of Things, marine communication, aerospace and other fields.

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