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LCD TV display power board SDL132C

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  • voltage : AC90V-264V
  • quality guarantee: 1 YEARS
  • application: lcd tv display ,can be widely used in industrial automation,etc
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    SDL132c power board is a high-performance power management solution, which can be widely used in industrial automation, smart home, digital electronic products and other fields. This power strip is designed with advanced technology and high-quality materials, and has various functions and features to ensure a stable and reliable power supply. The power board has high-efficiency power conversion capability and can stably convert the input voltage into a stable output voltage suitable for various electronic devices. At the same time, it also has comprehensive protection functions, including over-current protection, over-voltage protection, short-circuit protection, etc., which effectively protect the equipment and the power board itself from potential power problems. The SDL132c power board also has adjustable output voltage and current functions, which can be flexibly adjusted according to actual needs to meet the power requirements in different scenarios. In addition, it also supports remote control and monitoring, which can remotely monitor and control the power board through an external system or network, improving the convenience and intelligence of power management. The design of the power board focuses on energy saving and environmental protection, and uses high-efficiency power converters and low-power components to effectively reduce energy consumption and heat generation. At the same time, it also has good heat dissipation performance and anti-interference ability to ensure the stable operation of the power board in long-term operation and harsh environments. In short, the SDL132c power board is a high-performance, stable and reliable power management solution, which can provide stable power supply for various electronic devices, and has comprehensive protection functions and flexible adjustment performance. It has broad application prospects in various fields.

    The usage of SDL132C LCD power board is as follows:

    1. Determine the input voltage: Before using it, first determine the range of the input voltage.  The input voltage range of the SDL132C power board is generally AC 85-264V, or DC 110-370V, select the appropriate input voltage according to the actual situation.

    2. Connect the power supply: Connect the input end of the power board to the power supply, making sure the polarity of the power cord is correct.

    3. Connect the load: connect the positive and negative poles of the load device to the output port of the power board, and make sure the connection is firm.

    4. Adjust the output voltage: Use the adjustment knob or switch to adjust the output voltage to the required range. Note that care needs to be taken when adjusting the voltage not to exceed the rated voltage range of the device.

    5. Connect the remote control function (optional): If you need to use the remote control function, it can be realized by connecting the remote control module to the corresponding interface on the power board. Depending on your specific requirements, some additional setup or configuration may be required.

    6. Monitoring and protection functions: SDL132C power board has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, such as over-current protection, over-temperature protection, etc. During use, these protection functions can be monitored and adjusted through external devices or interfaces.

    7. Operation and maintenance: During use, the working status and temperature of the power board should be checked regularly to ensure normal operation. If necessary, some simple maintenance can be performed according to the instructions, such as cleaning and tightening wiring, etc. It should be noted that when using the SDL132C LCD power board, it should be operated in strict accordance with the specifications and instructions of the power board to ensure safe and reliable use. If necessary, it is recommended to consult a professional for specific operating instructions.

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