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LG 49inch LED TV Backlight strips panda lens

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LCD light bar is a kind of lighting equipment, which realizes lighting through liquid crystal technology.

Its working principle is to use the characteristics of liquid crystal materials, inject liquid crystal materials between two opaque plates, and apply an electric field to the liquid crystal materials to control the transparency of the materials, thereby changing the brightness of the light bar.

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LCD light bar 32-65 inch cuttable light bar is a high-quality light bar product, suitable for 32-65 inch LCD screen lighting. It uses high-brightness LED lamp beads, which have the advantages of high energy efficiency, long life of the light source, uniform light emission, and no pollution. In addition, the surface also uses a waterproof glue seal layer, which effectively isolates moisture and dust and improves the durability of the product. LCD light bar 32-65 inches can be cut The light bar can not only cut the length according to the needs of customers, but also choose different power lamp beads and different length lamp tubes to meet different needs. The light bar comes with a controller, which can easily switch and control the brightness, color and mode of the light through the remote control or mobile APP, which is very convenient. In addition, the 32-65 inch cuttable light strip is also very convenient to install, just cut and fix it directly on the frame of the LCD screen. In addition to being used in flat-panel TVs and LCD TVs, it is also widely used in electronic information and other fields, such as aviation simulators, digital display screens, billboards, display cabinets, cinemas, etc. In short, the product introduction of the 32-65 inch cuttable LCD light bar is short, but it has complete functions, easy installation, and convenient maintenance. It is a very ideal LED lighting product.



1. Check that the light bar is intact. After confirming that there is no problem, determine the length of the light bar as required, and cut it to the required length with scissors.

2. Clean the position where the light bar needs to be installed to ensure that the light bar can be firmly attached to it.

3. Make sure the power cord of the light bar is long enough and connect it to the power supply. If necessary, the power cord can be protected with insulating tape or insulating sleeve.

4. Tear off the 3M adhesive on the back of the light bar, and stick the light bar on the position where it needs to be illuminated. Pay attention to the orientation of the light bar and make sure its face light and side light are installed correctly.

5. Hide the wiring of the remaining light strips. It is not recommended to cut the wires loose, you can use the wire storage box to store the wires.

6. Start enjoying the elegance and comfort brought by the LCD strip lighting. Tips: Pay attention to the length of the light strip, pay attention to the installation position, and pay attention to protecting the wires. The above is a brief introduction.

For specific installation steps, please install according to the actual situation and the product manual.


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