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JSD 50INCH LED TV Backlight strips LCD Bar

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  • size : 480mm*17mm
  • quality guarantee:: 1 years
  • voltage /power :: 6v 2w
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    A liquid crystal light bar is a device that uses liquid crystal materials to emit light. It works as follows: The LCD light bar consists of a transparent substrate and a layer of liquid crystal material. Liquid crystal material is a substance between liquid and solid, with adjustable optical properties. LCD light bars usually use a backlight module as a light source, and an LED chip is a photoelectric conversion device that can convert electrical energy into visible light. When the backlight module is on, it emits white or colored light. These lights are uniform before passing through the liquid crystal material. The liquid crystal material controls the transmission degree of light through an electric field. When the LCD light bar is working, the liquid crystal material will receive a voltage signal through the electrodes, thereby changing the degree of light transmission. A place with a higher degree of transparency lets more light through, while a place with a lower degree of transparency lets in less light. By controlling the power and the direction of the electric field, the LCD light bar can produce different brightness and colors. Taking the RGB liquid crystal light strip as an example, by controlling the brightness and combination of the three colors of red, green, and blue, it is possible to manufacture light strips of various colors. In short, the liquid crystal light bar adjusts the degree of light transmission by controlling the electric field, thereby realizing adjustable brightness and color.


    The installation method of the LCD light bar is as follows:

    1. Prepare tools and materials: LCD strips, power adapters, connectors, brackets, screws, screwdrivers, electric drills, etc.

    2. Determine the installation position: According to the position and length of the light bar to be installed, select a suitable installation position, determine the position and number of brackets, and fix the brackets with screws.

    3. Connect the light bar: insert the two ends of the light bar into the connector, and gently rotate and fix it by hand.

    4. Install the power adapter: Connect the power adapter to the connector of the light bar to supply power to the light bar.

    5. Connect the power: Connect the power and check whether the light bar is working properly to ensure that the installation is complete.

    6. Adjust brightness and color: For LCD light bars that support adjustment of brightness and color, you can use the remote control or buttons to adjust as needed.

    7. Complete the installation: After the installation is completed, check whether the light bar and the power adapter are firm, and pay attention to keep them dry and ventilated to avoid safety accidents. Please note that before installing the LCD light bar, make sure that the power cord is powered off and unplugged to avoid accidents such as electric shock.


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