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LED TV Backlight Strips use for Universal 32 Inch tv

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  • model number : JH024
  • voltage/power : 3V1W /3V2W/6V1W/6V2W
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    1.LED TV backlight strips universal 32inch tv led bar 6leds 3v/1w 1pcs 568mm*10mm.


    LCD TV backlight light bar is the light bar used for backlight in LCD TV, and it is a very important part in LCD TV. It is usually composed of multiple LED lights, and the brightness and color can be adjusted through the control circuit. LCD TV backlight exhibition, the technology and quality of LCD TV backlight strips are also constantly improving and improving. When purchasing LCD TV backlight strips, you need to choose according to TV size, brand, model and other factors. At the same time, should choose products with stable quality, reliable quality and reasonable price. For the process of installing LCD TV backlight strips, professionals are required to operate to ensure safe and normal use.


    The specific operation method of installing the LCD TV backlight strip is as follows:
    1. Confirm the installation position of the light bar: the position where the light bar needs to be installed on the back of the LCD TV, usually around the LCD TV. According to factors such as TV size, model and thickness, select the corresponding light bar, and fix the light bar to the TV back panel.
    2. Connect the power cord: Connect the power cord of the light bar to the power supply port on the main board of the TV, and pay attention to the correctness of the wiring. If necessary, wrap the wires with insulating tape or heat shrink tubing to prevent the wires from touching the TV backplane and causing a short circuit.
    3. Install the lens: Install the lens at the edge of the light bar to ensure even distribution of light. Select the number of lenses and the installation position according to the size of the lens and the number of light bars.
    4. Fix the light bar and lens: Use screws and clips to fasten the light bar and lens to the back panel of the LCD TV. Be careful not to overtighten as this could damage the light bar and lens.


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