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LED TV Mainboard 24-32 Inch Universal TR67.816 PCB Board

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1:LCD motherboard TR67.816 is a high-performance motherboard that can be applied to various LCD devices. It adopts advanced technology and materials, and has high-efficiency, Multiple interface,able and reliable performance characteristics.
2:This motherboard adopts high-quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technology, with stable performance and excellent quality. It can support high-definition video output and smooth image display, bringing users an excellent visual experience.
3:The LCD motherboard TR67.816 not only has excellent display performance, but also has a variety of advanced functions and interfaces built in, which can quickly connect various external devices to further enhance user experience.


This model can suit for 24-32 inch led tv ,universal mother board.already widely use in many countries.

The installation steps of LCD motherboard generally include the following aspects: 1. Preparation: First, choose the correct installation location according to the model of the motherboard, and prepare the required installation tools and accessories, such as screwdrivers, screws, installation boards, and corresponding interface cables. 2. Install the main board: Install the main board to the selected location, and fix it in place with screws and mounting plates. At this time, attention should be paid to the alignment of the main board and the mounting plate. 3. Connect the power supply: Connect the power cable to the power interface of the main board, and make sure the connection is correct. Usually, there will be an active LED on the motherboard to indicate that the motherboard is getting enough power. 4. Interface connection: Open the user manual of the motherboard, find the required interface cable, and insert it into the corresponding interface slot to ensure that the line is connected correctly to avoid damage to the motherboard or other devices. 5. Complete the installation: Finally, test that the motherboard is working properly. If it can be started and used normally, then the installation of the LCD motherboard is completed. In short, the installation and application method of the LCD motherboard needs to be operated according to the specific model and situation to ensure that all connections and installations are correct.

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