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LED TV Power Module Universal Model use For 14 Inch-60 Inch LCD 5-24v

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The LCD TV universal power supply module is an important part of providing stable power for LCD TVs.

It works as follows: Input circuit: LCD TV universal power supply module receives AC power input through the power socket, usually a standard 220V AC power.

The input circuit will pass through the EMI filter to reduce the interference noise in the power supply, and convert the alternating current to direct current through the rectification circuit. DC power supply:

The converted DC power is rectified and filtered through multi-stage rectification circuits to minimize current fluctuations in order to provide stable voltage and current.

Voltage regulator circuit: LCD TVs need a stable voltage for power supply. The voltage stabilizing circuit will properly adjust the converted DC voltage to a stable output voltage, usually 12V, 24V or other voltages, according to the requirements of the LCD TV.

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Product Detail

AC-DC Converter: This module can convert 220V power supply to 5-24V DC output, suitable for various large and small TV sets, monitors and other fields.


The power module 5-24V is suitable for various electronic devices that require 5-24V DC power supply, such as TVs, monitors, LED lights, integrated circuits, etc. They provide a stable DC power that ensures the proper functioning of these devices. installation method:
1. Determine the working voltage and output current of the power module, and select a suitable power module.
2. Connect the power module to the device that needs to be powered, and connect the wires that match the color.
3. After making sure that the connection is normal, connect the power cable of the power module to the AC power supply and turn on the power supply.
4. The voltage and current of the power supply must match the equipment being powered, otherwise it will affect the service life of the equipment.


Pay attention to the polarity of the AC power supply during installation.
If the polarity is wrongly connected, the power module will be damaged. When installing the power module, choose a proper radiator to avoid failure of the power module due to high temperature.

the product composition of LCD TV universal power supply includes the following parts: 1. Input power supply: It can accept the input voltage of 5-24V, adjust according to different situations, and transmit the current to the main board of the TV; 2. DC output terminal: transmit DC power to the main board of the TV; 3. Protection device: including over-current, over-voltage, short-circuit and other protection measures to ensure the safety of the TV main board; 4. Control circuit: It is necessary to control the input and output of the power supply. These parts all need to work together to ensure the proper functioning of the LCD TV.

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