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Product expertise training and business training

Sichuan Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. is committed to cultivating employee skills, improving product service quality, organizing employees to participate in a variety of product and business training activities, and spare no effort in training to enhance employees’ business capabilities. In the latest product training and business training, dozens of employees actively participated in the training, including sales personnel, marketing personnel, technical personnel and other types of work, and they all found what they need to learn. The training content covers the company’s latest product introduction, industry development trends and application cases, etc., in order to improve the professional ability and technical level of employees. Product training and business training are one of the company’s important training programs, which can effectively strengthen employees’ business skills and improve their service awareness. During the training, employees not only passively listen to lectures, but also actively ask the trainers for technical difficulties. At the same time, the employees also discussed each other’s business experience, which enhanced communication and cooperation among employees. “We have always paid attention to the training and skill improvement of our employees.” The company’s chief executive assistant said, “This is not only to improve the personal capabilities of employees, but also to better serve customers and improve the overall competitiveness of the company.” Sichuan Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. is not only a professional supplier of electronic and electrical products, but also a comprehensive enterprise dedicated to providing customers with a complete service system. In the future, the company will continue to adhere to the importance of employee training and skill improvement, and will continue to invest more resources and energy to ensure that the company’s products and services are always at the forefront of the market.

Sichuan Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. understands that in a highly competitive market, it is crucial to improve the skills and knowledge of employees in order to provide customers with quality and comprehensive services. Therefore, the company continues to organize product training and business training to enhance the professional ability of employees and improve service quality. The purposes of product training and business training are as follows: 1. Deepen the understanding of the company’s products and their application fields, so that employees can better promote and sell products. 2. Improve employees’ business skills to better solve customer problems and provide customers with professional services. 3. Enhance the self-confidence and professional quality of employees, so that employees can complete business work more professionally and efficiently. 4. Understand the latest development trends of the market and industry, provide strategic guidance for the company and take corresponding marketing measures. 5. Promote opportunities for teamwork and knowledge sharing, so that employees can learn and communicate with each other, and jointly improve the overall ability of the team. In order to allow employees to maintain an understanding of the company’s products and markets, Sichuan Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. continues to improve the company’s internal education and training mechanism, encouraging employees to participate in various training programs, independent learning and speaking exchanges.In this way, employees can better understand the company’s values ​​and market direction, and better serve customers

Post time: May-29-2023