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Visiting Customers Abroad

Junhengtai Electronics Co., Ltd. recently announced that it plans to organize a visit to Indonesian customers before the end of 2022 to further strengthen the cooperative relationship between the two parties. The visit will be organized by the company's marketing team and will invite relevant customers such as TV manufacturers, electrical appliance importers and distributors in Indonesia to participate. Through face-to-face communication and demonstration, Junhengtai will show the company's latest TV accessories to Indonesian customers, including TV control boards, power boards, speakers, remote controls, antennas, etc. At the same time, the company's technical staff will also provide customers with the best technical support and solutions, so that they can use Junhengtai's products more satisfactorily. It is reported that Indonesia is one of the most promising TV markets in Asia and even in the world. As a leading company in the TV accessories industry, Junhengtai has been committed to deepening the Southeast Asian market. This visit will play a very important role in further expanding the company's influence in the Indonesian market and winning more customers' trust and cooperation opportunities. Junhengtai Electronic Appliance Co., Ltd. stated that the company will continue to improve product quality and continue to explore overseas markets, in order to provide more customers with better quality and more cost-effective products and services. At the same time, the company will continue to strengthen communication and collaboration with customers, improve customer satisfaction, and jointly promote the healthy development of the TV accessories industry.


For this activity Junhengtai successfully visited its important customers abroad As a international trading company, which is committed to expanding its overseas market. Recently, Junhengtai's delegation successfully visited , which promoted the company's business development. During this visit, the Junhengtai delegation conducted in-depth communication and exchanges with customers, and conducted detailed discussions on the cooperation between the two parties and market trends. At the same time, the delegation also introduced Junhengtai's new products and services to customers, which were highly recognized and appreciated by customers. The success of this visit will further strengthen the cooperation between Junhengtai and its foreign customers and expand the company's overseas market share. We will continue to continuously improve service quality, and achieve better win-win development.

Post time: Apr-03-2023